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Başalan Patent & Trademark

Başalan Patent & Trademark

Başalan Patent & Trademark has first initiated efforts on intellectual and industrial property rights in 1980 and formalized its services on protection of intellectual and industrial property rights in 1994 for the first time under the corporate structure. Therefore, the Company enabled its business activities to reach larger masses.

Ahmet Başalan and Feriha Başalan, founders of Başalan Patent & Trade Mark Industrial Property Services Consultancy Limited Company are designated as Official Patent and Trademark Attorneys by the Turkish Patent Institute and Official European Patent Attorneys by the European Patent Office while their professional liability insurance has been issued under the provisions of related laws.

Başalan Patent & Trademark has been sustaining good relations with associates in European and Middle Eastern Countries due to its Headquarters being established and operating in Istanbul, a metropolitan city where two continents meet.  Not only with the said countries, the company has also been well – connected to the firms from U.S.A., countries from Commonwealth of Independent States and Asia.

Departments Başalan Patent & Trademark contains with its corporate body are Trademark Department, Patent Department, Industrial Design Department, Geographical Indications Department, Integrated Circuit Topography Department, Department of Plant Rights, Domain Names Follow-up Department, Legal Department, Translation Department, Information Technology & Accounting Department, where all procedures and transactions are separately followed up. Furthermore, each Department has its own Search, Application, Opposition and Renewal Services within itself.

All documentation works and relevant procedures are followed up at Turkish Patent Institute directly and individually through the branch office in Ankara, where Turkish Patent Institute is also located.

Network security of Başalan Patent is ensured by Firewall. Besides, attacks are being controlled with PIX FirewalI and IDS. System security is continuously improved with data backup made on daily and monthly basis, new software applications and updates.

Başalan Patent & Trademark has always been open to innovation since the first day it was founded and continues to provide follow up and conclusion of preliminary search, application, opposition, registration and renewal procedures under national and international services with regard to intellectual and industrial property rights by expanding and enhancing its activity area day after another.

The Company pioneered in its area of activity to obtain ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate with the purpose of increasing the level of service quality and pushing customer satisfaction up to the highest level. Customer complaints, suggestions and satisfaction are regularly monitored and followed up through Customer Satisfaction Survey contained in Company website within the framework of ISO Quality Certificate.

Within this line, Başalan Patent & Trademark once again has taken the lead to shift to “online” system, where the applicants are enabled to directly monitor and track the services rendered to them, from preliminary search stage until conclusion.

Moreover, the Company ensured the issues relevant to intellectual and industrial property rights to be monitored with interest by making its area of activity comprehensible and enjoyable with “PATENTMAN”, the cartoon character the Company had created, and its adventures on intellectual and industrial property rights.

Accordingly, Başalan Patent & Trademark has been publishing various books to inform its clients and associates on its area of activity and has ensured Başalan Patent publications to be followed online on “hukukkitabevi.com” web page.

Başalan Patent & Trademark has also carried its area of activity on broadcasting arena with its dynamic workforce; with the online broadcasting of ”BaşalanPatent TV”, the Company obtained the opportunity to communicate the issues on intellectual and industrial property rights to larger masses and enlighten the mostly inquired points.

With the purpose of developing unique projects by analyzing the expectations of its area of activity and demands and needs of its customers correctly, Başalan Patent & Trademark continues its efforts with all its pace.



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