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Industrıal Desıgn


Definition of design: The entirety of the various features such as lines, color, texture, shape, sound, elasticity, material or other characteristics perceived by the human senses of the appearance of the whole or part of a product or its ornamentation.

Definition of the Industrial Design Protection

Industrial Design Protection is that the outward appearance of the products at the product range or the a part of the product comprising any industrial or handicraft item, a complex system or its parts, sets, compositions of items, packaging, get-ups, graphic symbols and typographic typefaces, excluding the computer programs and topographies of semi-conductor products, are protected on condition that they are new and have individual character.
The industrial design registration is impersonated to your products and documented that this design belongs to you by providing the exclusive rights.

At the industrial design applications;

Owner : The owner of the industrial design rights is the one who produces the industrial design or the product on which the design is applied ,puts it on the market, sells it, offers it or uses it with the aim of commerce. The real person or legal entity can request the industrial design right.

Designer : The designer is the one who performs the design. At the industrial which are existed in the result of the team working, the names of the designer should be stated separately. If the owner of the industrial design right is different from the designer, the relations between them should be declared.

The Necessary Documents for Industrial Design Application

- The application petition including the applicant’s name and address, the designer name and address)
- The description (one copy)
- The visual explanation namely drawings or photographs of industrial designs (one copy in 8 x8 cm or 16 x 16 cm)
- The document, which shows the payment of the official fees, related to application and the claiming priority if the priority is claimed.
- The document that shows the payment of publication and registration fees
- Power of attorney

Industrial Design Application Process Steps:

- Industrial Design Application is filed through Turkish Patent Institute (1 day)
- Application is examined for the formal suitability by Turkish Patent Institute (app. 2 months)
- Industrial Design application is published for announcement to the third parties (6 months)
- After receiving and examining the registration certificate by us, it is sent to our client.(1 day)

We will be very pleased to assist your esteemed firm for the industrial design registration and protection procedures. In order to have more information about industrial designs;



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