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Geographıcal Sıgns


Geographical Signs

Geographical sign is an industrial property right which indicates the origin of a product which possesses a specific quality, reputation or other characteristics attributable to that place, area, region or country of origin. A product which belongs to a district, its fruit, stone,metal may be different from the other district’s production or a carpet, rug, cloth, ceramic etc..which are produced in a district may be achieved a reputation for any reason. Using the district’s name on the mentioned goods may be perceived by the consumers tha the goods have different features from their similar. Consumers may prefer the goods which are sold with the district’s name with a trust to the district’s name.

In this context, geographical signs is in a dimension which is a traditional information is formed, packed, bought and sold; the quality of the product is an assurance which represents the strict connection between the traditional production method and geographical source. Geographical signs are evaluated as geographical name and geographical indications.

Geographical Signs

With the district of which the geographical boundaries are determined and the mentioned district which has the features from nature and human factors, and the production, processing of this product which identifies with these features and making the other procedures in these district, area and region boundaries are emphasized the “geographical name” of a product. Geographical name have to necessitated manufactured in the defined district with the whole product which is subject to the geographical name. As an example to this kind of product, Eskişehir meerschaum, Çelikhan tobacco, Ege Cotton. The products can not be produced out of the geographical district where they belong. Because a product can gain its qualities only if they are produced in the district they belong.

Geographical Indications

The name of a place, an area or a region of a product originating from that particular place, area or region of which the geographical boundaries have been defined, and that the product possesses a specific quality, reputation or other characteristics attributable to this place, area or region, and that at least one of the activities of production, processing or preparation of which take place within the defined boundaries of this place, area or region.

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