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Important Terms In Use Of Internatıonal Trade

C.I.F. : Cost of goods + rate of Insurance + Carriage (General use) 

C.A.F. : .: Cost of goods + rate of Insurance + Carriage 

C.F. . : Cost of goods + Carriage

F.O.B. : .: The liability for delivering goods up to arrive at the landing port is belong to the supplier, and later to the buyer .

F.A.S. : Buyer assumes all of the expenses

F.A.S.Mili: Goods are delivered at the factory where they have been produced.

C.L. : Goods are delivered to the buyer on the truck where the buyer placed. The cost of insurance has not been paid. ((Corload lot))

F.O.W : used instead of F.O.B. or C.I.F.. It is not common.

F.O.R : .: This term is used for alive animal trade. Animals are delivered on the rail of the stated station.


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