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Carrying Goods Abroad From Turkey

Law of customs grants the rights of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey who live abroad to import their household goods without paying any customs duty by relocating their home.


Citizens of Turkish Republic who have been lived abroad for two years at least and public officials who delegated abroad may enjoy this right by moving back to Turkey..
The family unit that is identified as including wife husband and the children that are under statutory age is the subject of the right. Children living with their family will have a right to relocate if they lived abroad for two years after becoming 18 years old.

To enjoy the derogation for the payment of the customs duty, the goods must be,

a) Household goods,

b) Used before,

c) Belong to the importer,

d) Brought because of relocating home back to Turkey.

Furniture for livingroom, bedroom, dining room and kitchen staff are rated as household goods. Personal computer and its accesories and dish antenas which their diameter measures are up to 120 cm.

Replaced household goods must be brought with the rightful owner or from two months before he arrives to six months later after he arrives. Rightful owner must apply to the customs administration with a list of all the goods for the import of used households. 

Replaced household goods can be brought in one go or in several times as piecemeal. But the goods from the second part can not be brouht after six months later than the rightful owner accessed into Turkey and in the same type of goods with the ones in the first part. The same goods can not be allowed to be imported by derogation twice. 

Ones who has lived abroad for two years at least have to exhibit the document of moving back that is gained by consulate of Turkey abroad and public officers have to exhibit the document of delagation abroad.

Not Customs duty for the goods which are imported by replacing home back to Turkey, is not paid..

But bandrol cost for the devices which receive TV and radio is paid. Bandrol cost does not depend on importing with or without paying tax but is taken for the devices on the list. The amount of the bandrol cost for which devices are included is stated at the last part. 

Imported Goods By Reason Of Marriage

A person who married to a Turkish citizen who lives in Turkey can import their household goods into Turkey without paying customs duty. But before replacing residence by reason marriage, the partner who lives abroad must stay there for minimum 12 months.

Derogation for customs duty is applied to:

a) A person who married to a Turkish citizen who lives in Turkey, out of Turkey and later came to Turkey,

b) A person who left their own residance to marry to a citizen of Turkey and later got married in Turkey,

c) A person who came to Turkey for any reason but married to a citizen of Turkey who their residance is in Turkey, in one year.

- The presents which are sent to these married people are covered in derogation for customs duty. These presents must be sent as marriage gift, must not include commercial context, and their costs must be up to 300 Euros for each present and 3000 Euros as total.

- Imported goods that are belong to married people are not obliged to be new. They can be brought in one go or in seperated pieces; with the right holder or not but from two months before they arrived up to six moths later than they arrived..

Right demander has to exhibit the document which proves the marriage to the customs administration. If they want to bring the goods before they marry, they have to collateralize as much as the amount of the customs duty.

G These derogated goods can not be sold, hired or assigned during twelve months from importing 
Importing The Goods That Are Belong To People Who Died Abroad 
Importing used household goods and one motor vehicle such as car or motorbike, which are belong to a citizen of Turkey who lives abroad and died there or ancestral goods from their family that live abroad to a person who moved back to Turkey, are not tax objects.

Derogation is valid for the goods, brought into Turkey in one go or in several times in twelve months from heirship certificate and right demander has to prove that they are the heir of the stated goods. If compelling reasons verified, this deadline can be delayed by the customs administration..

These goods are not included in the extend of derogation: Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products, commercial motor vehicle, instruments that are speacial for a job or an art except the portable ones, stock of raw materials, products or intermediate products and animals or agrigultural products that are over than the needs of a family.


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